The Master Guide (MG) Ministry is one of the leadership programs that the General Conference Youth Ministries Department uses to train people for youth leadership. The Master Guide provide assistance to the Adventurer, Pathfinders or Youth Ministries of the local church and/or conference in leadership training, discipleship and outreach endeavours.

In the South England Conference, once the Master Guide course is completed, the Pathfinder Leadership Programme is the continuing education programme for already invested Master Guides replacing the PLA/APLA/PIA. It follows the lead of the North American Division (in collaboration with the General Conference) to design a certification that meets the needs of the Master Guide in future service to the Adventurer, Pathfinder and Youth Ministries in the local church and/or conference.

It is a curriculum of learning designed to provide role specific training for adult Pathfinder club staff members. It is important for all church workers, both professional and volunteer, to continue to learn, to be familiar with current trends and to make training part of their life style. The purpose of the Pathfinder Leadership Programme is to provide the framework for that life- long training.

The seminars and related fieldwork are organized into certification programs and is designed to allow flexibility in many areas.

The South England Conference Pathfinder Leadership Programme now comprises of four certifications – Pathfinder Leadership Certification (PLC), Pathfinder Staff Leadership Certification (PSLC), Pathfinder Training and Assessment Certification (PTAC) and Pathfinder Outdoor Leadership Certification (POLC).

The PLC focuses on the skills that enable the leader to work with the Pathfinders in the club in service to each other and the community. The PSLC focuses on the skills that enable the leader to work with the staff in the club, helping them to be better leaders to the Pathfinders in ministry. The PTAC focusses on training leaders to deliver ongoing training and to assist with the Conference club assessment process. The POLC focuses on the skills needed to take young people in the outdoors effectively and creatively. The PLC, PSLC and POLC certifications include the same Outdoor Education and Wilderness Survival seminars. Along with the PTAC, the Orientation day attendance is essential and the completion of a portfolio of evidence of club participation, personal and club improvement during the year of the course and an evaluation in the two months after the course is completed.

Once you have decided which certification suits you best in collaboration with your Pathfinder Director and/or Pastor, simply register your interest on this website by completing the online application form and follow the steps to start your course for this year. The course comprises of seminars, assignments and required field work and support days before completion.