World Adventurer Day is coming up, and we are planning an Exciting Day for Adventurers.
On 21 May 2022 all Adventurers are Invited to join a magnificent day at Newbold College Sports Hall.
The service will start at 11:00 am with praise and worship, music items and a word from Vanesa Pizzuto(Associate Communication Director from TED and great children story teller). 
After bringing your picnic and stretching out on the lawns of the college for lunch, we will commence ‘THE BIG ADVENTURERS COMMUNITY IMPACT PAINT-A-THON’.  At every event we endeavour to reach out impact our community. On this day, we have prepared 11 large Tapestry sheets for Adventurers to make their mark with loads of personal designs. This tapestry is designed to say Thank You to out emergency services (NHS, POLICE, FIRE DEPARTMENT, etc) for the work they do. On that day Adventurers will sprawl all over the floor and paint a unique picture or image or message on their chosen corner of the tapestry. Once dried, each Area in the SEC will choose their emergency service and deliver it at their earliest date. 
We are also planning a ‘Adventure Sabbath Treasure Hunt’ as well as a ‘Little Lights Adventure Craft’  The program aims to finish at 4pm.
Closer to the day we will be sending you a resource list to bring along for each Adventurer.
Please plan for this event. As usual, to help us cover some of the expenses for the day we operate a Wristband Ticket System of £2 per person per entry. We do not take up an offering, but we consider the £2 Ticket as offering for the day.
Register and Pay at and navigate to Events. Remember when paying please indicate the name of the church. We will post the wristbands to you, so you need to make sure that you purchase the ticket by 12:00 pm NOON on Thursday 12 May 2022.
The Event Details

  • The Date: 21 MAY 2022

  • The Venue : NEWBOLD COLLEGE 

  • The Times: 11:00 am to 16:00 pm

Preparing for WAD: