It's that time of the year again for your respective ABE and PBE Teams to register for 2024 Testings. Please see the books below:

The PBE and ABE DATES 2024 test dates for your consideration are as follows: 
  • Area Level - 13 January 2024
  • (SEC) Conference Level (Newbold College)-10 February 2024
  • (BUC) Union Level (Scotland - (Venue TBC))-09 March 2024
  • (TED) Division Level (Amsterdam, Netherlands (Venue TBC))-13 April 2024   
  • Optional NAD Level (USA - (Venue TBC))-20 April 2024

Study Material:

- PBE (Pathfinders):  Joshua and Judges AND Andrews University Bible Commentary on Joshua and Judges
   Excluding the following chapters:
     - Joshua chapters 12:7 to 13:33
     - Joshua 15:1-12
     - Joshua 15:20 to Joshua 19:49
     - Judges 19, 20, 21

- ABE (Adventurers): Joshua 1- 6 and Judges 1- 5

Final Date for Registration - 30 November 2023

Register Your Team Here. 
Parent/Guardian Video and Photography Consent


1. Use the study material for Devotionals when you meet for Club. 

2. Adventurers who take part still need to be 9 years old OR still actively enrolled in Adventurers by the time of the Division Test Level (13 April 2024). Please consider carefully. Unfortunately, to be fair on other Adventurers taking part, children who do not meet the age criteria will be refused from participating. 

3. Pathfinder participants must be Pathfinder age between 10 and 18 by the time of the Division Test Level (13 April 2024). Teams can include TLTs. If the team include TLTs or Pathfinders,  they are eligible to participate on a PBE Team as long as they are a duly inducted Pathfinder member for that club. However, the Pathfinder is no longer eligible if they turn 19 on or after January 1 of the testing year.

4. Teams must comprise of no more than 6 participants, and a 7th Alternate/Reserve member. 

5. If you are considering to join the TED or NAD levels, plan financially, and strategically AS IF YOU ARE GOING to NAD or TED, e.g.
    • Budget effectively and discuss with parents immediately about the costs for the trip, so they can be prepared. Especially if you are planning a sightseeing leg to the trip. 
    • Consider the necessary Visa and Passport requirements for each team member at registration, and not after you have qualified for the Union Level. 
    • Search and book for flights immediately. Consider paying a few pounds extra, and book flights that can be cancelled at the last minute, should your team not make it for Division Level. 
    • Raise funds, and consider sponsors from the start of your planning, and not after you qualified for Division Level.
    • Place those members, who may not have visa issues, in a team together, so that if they qualify you will travel with minimal issue and stress. This will minimise disappointments at the last minute.
We need a Registration Form completed by 30 November 2023.

Please contact the office for any questions or queries.