Club Ministries Training (CMT) is a curriculum framework that provides in-depth training for club staff in specific roles. 

The certifications are designed to be completed within one year, and are meant to equip leaders of all varieties for the ministries in which they serve. 

They are opportunities for individuals to learn more about being an effective Director, Counselor, Instructor,  Secretary. 

Certifications are earned by attending workshops, working with a mentor, doing fieldwork, and preparing a documentation Portfolio. 

CMT certifications are intended for all members of a team. Each NEW club staff member is required to attend the training. To come up to speed with the training standards, current staff are highly recommended to also attend, unless a compulsory expectation is made known by your Area Coordinator.

It is highly recommended that each registrant attend a refresher course every 3 years, especially in cases of inactivity in the ministry.

The following courses have been developed and designed for you:
  • CMT Club Director
  • CMT Club Counselor
  • CMT Club Instructor
  • CMT Club Secretary
  • CMT Club Possibility Ministries
Training for a particular course is an 8-hour module, which will be held over 2 Sundays of 4 hours each. 

For Overviews of the Workshops and Modules go to secpathfinders/cmt.


1. Be at least 16 years old 
2. You must be a serving officer within your club
3. Have completed all modules of the Pathfinder Basic Staff Training (in the last 4 Years) and be in receipt of the certificate.
Please pay specific attention to the Pre-requisites prior to registering onto this course, in order to receive the certification.  

Training Dates: 

CMT 1 - Registration now Open

Venue: Stanborough School, Watford
Cost: £70.00 (All Inclusive) 
27th - 29th October 2023

NB. You have to attend the Whole Weekend to receive your Certification

Deadline to register: 8 October 2023

How do I Register:

1. Decide which Course you are eligible for.
2. Read an overview of the Course at
3. Complete the registration form as soon as you are able. Link is at the top right of the Course page OR Click here:
4. Pay the fee for the Training at