The purpose of the monthly report form is to encourage Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs clubs to strive for excellence!
  •  We are encouraging clubs to have at least two meetings each month. Consistency is the key!

  •  We would like to see Pathfinders and Adventurers in Class A uniform at one meeting each month. Be proud to wear your uniform. Uniforms can build team spirit and club unity. Encourage your club to strive for excellence.

  •  Pathfinders and Adventurers should have good attendance at club meetings. This will provide continuity in their classwork and honours classes.

  •  Clubs should be working on at least two honours during the year. Take advantage of these windows of opportunity for the Pathfinders and Adventurers.

  •  We encourage clubs to campout at least once a year. Up to three alternate activities is allowed, such as: an overnight activity or a field trip.

  •  Each Pathfinder and Adventurer club should have an active witnessing and community outreach program. 

  •  Planning and communication are essential within the club. One staff meeting a month would be excellent for planning, communication and fellowship between the staff.

Please find the Quarterly Report Links for each quarter. 

Quarterly reports should reach the office on the last day of each Quarter:-      March 31-      June 30-      September 30-      December 31