The 34th Celebration is here. 

Usually we plan a Conference-Wide event for you all to come over and celebrate together. This year we have agreed to challenge and encourage you to arrange a local Adventurer Day in your own local church. Some churches have requested to have the celebration closer to home, which will allow them to showcase the program and wonderful work of Adventurers in the local community, and thereby invite neighbours and local community members as an outreach venture.

We realised that not all churches have the resources or the creativity, and so we want to help you make a great day out of WAD 20 May 2023. Please find (link below OR on the right of this page) the SEC World Adventurer Day Resource Package, put together for you to serve as a guide to give you a kickstart to make sure the Adventurer Day does not go amiss.

If you need graphics for your banners, flyers, powerpoint, animations, etc to make your day special, go below OR right of the page

Although we are encouraging local programs, we want to still have a SEC Adventurer Family feel to the program. We have therefore structured the program in such a a way so that we can continue the journey during the next week and with the Adventurer Camporee the at the end of that week:

  • 20 May 2023 - World Adventurer Day - Local Celebrations of 'A Wonderful Journey' - and capture the moments by picture or video.
  • 20 -26 May 2023 - 'Wear Your Scarf Week - Wear Your Scarf, do some Community Outreach, and share the Adventurer Spirit in your neighbourhood
  • 26-29 May 2023 - Adventurer Camporee -  Come on an 'Adventurer With Jesus'  and Share your pictures and videos with us. If you celebrated WAD the week before, it will count to your Camporee points you will earn, leading to the Camporee Trophy. 
OK. Go out there. Plan, and have a Wonderful Journey on 20  May 2023.