• 35 Years of celebrating the Adventurer Club
  • This year we want to come back to Newbold to celebrate World Adventurer Day; but with a difference. No Sermon. No Traditional. But meaningful! We call it the Adventurer 'Action Sermon' 

Where are we going and what date?

  • On 18 May 2024 - all roads lead to Newbold College, from 10:30 am till 4:00 pm

What is the Theme?

  • 'Jesus Knows: He Cares For You' 

What are we doing?

  • No Sermon!!
  • If No Sermon, then what will the Adventurers do?  
  • We call it, 'The Action Sermon'. 

Tell me more?

  • 2 Bible Stories 
  • 4 Zones with various activities to engage with the stories
  • 4 Locations across the Premises (Sports Hall, Car Park, Foot Ball Fields) 
  • Each Zone will have 6 -10 Action stations to explore and engage with the Bible Stories, from Prayer, Kindness Crafts, Learning a New Song, Seeing a Story enacted, Treasure Hunt, Bible Escape Room, Giant Bible Game, Maze, etc.
  • After a usual Opening Ceremony and Adventurer Parade, Opening song the action will begin.
  • No one will be sitting, everyone will move around and actively engage with the Bibles stories in order to understand that ‘Jesus Knows – He Takes care of You’
  • After lunch we continue with the rest of activities, followed by Closing ceremony.

What do we need to do?

  • Register your Adventurers so that we can allocate them in the correct Zone, provide a colour wristband, so that they are ready to join the ‘Action Sermon’
  • Wristbands will be sent to the club leader in advance so that the Adventurers come prepared and avoid any registration queues.
  • Bring your Packed Lunch: Hopefully the weather will be good so you can enjoy your lunch on the grass.

Where do we register?

  • Click Here or see Registration Link on the side (if you have a computer) or below (if you are on a phone/tablet).
  • Registration closes Monday, 6 May 2024 to allow us enough time to post your wristbands and you receive them.

Do we need Volunteers?

  • Yes, we need about 80 Volunteers to help run the activities, manage the flow of traffic, and assist us in making the event successful.
  • Every volunteer will be briefed with the specific activity and will work with another volunteer to ensure the activities are managed and the Adventurers are blessed.
  • Please Volunteer Here: WAD Volunteer Form

Can we contribute to the event

  • Yes please and Thank You very Much.
  • Our events cost a lot of money and we try and bring the best to you. You help us by contributing small increments from your purses.
  • We only ask every person to contribute £2.00 toward the event, whether you are an Adventurer, Parent, Leader or Volunteer.
  • Go here to contribute. Ensure the registration of your club corresponds with the contribution so we can send you the appropriate wristband.