Drum Theory & Practical Test
The Drum Theory Training (including test) and Drum Practical Test were to take place on Sunday 21st January but the team have now moved this to Sunday 4th February at the Advent Centre. The Theory will take place from 09:00 - 12:00 and the Practical from 13:00 - 14:00. Drummers are to bring their instruments with them.
Those who need the theory and practical can complete both on this date. Please complete the appropriate forms and send to

Dress code: Field Uniform
Drilling & Marching Honour
There will also be a Practical Drill Session and assessment on the same day at the Advent Centre for those who already know how to drill. This session will comprise of a 2 hour session, fine-tuning and a practical assessment during the last hour. If you are a complete beginner to drilling and marching, it would be best to attend the next session in April or May where more time and a larger space can be allocated to you.

Dress Code: Field Uniform
Drum Certification Day
This is scheduled for Sunday 18th February 2024. If your drum corps plan to play in public, you will need to be certified. All this means is being able to proficiently play at the very minimum SEC Beats 1-3, be able to march (including whilst playing) and have your full dress uniform in place. Please complete the appropriate forms and send to

Dress Code: Full Dress Uniform