Hello. The following Incentives have been created for you to earn. Either an Adventurer   or Pathfinder set of pins/badges.  If you do all three within the week of 25 Nov to 1 Dec, allow your leader to share it, then you get to earn the pins/badge. 

There are only 100 pins/badges available. So get in early.

1. Scarf

Wear your Scarf between Sabbath 25th and 1 December. Take pictures and share your Pathfinder Story. Use the form here https://forms.gle/qELGKJ7MubGEEgEN7

2. Excel

I'm sure you have excelled in at least one aspect in your curriculum this past year. One that you have put hard work into, done your best and got a mention for it. One that you feel good about. Let your Club leaders share it and tell us about it  HERE: https://forms.gle/qELGKJ7MubGEEgEN7

3. Give
Kechumeh Adventist School

Kachumeh the Gambia, is an impoverished rural community. The School needs a lot of help. READ MORE ABOUT THE SCHOOL HERE. And see if you can give something on our Go Fund Me for theis wonderful school. 


Adventist Special Needs Association (ASNA)

ASNA UK is a registered charity established which supports the spiritual, social, physical and emotional needs of people living with disabilities and special needs through. We do this through our residential breaks and through the development of disability resources, training and awareness. READ MORE ABOUT ASNA HERE  and buy a pair of purple socks on the side or bottom of page. Wear it on the third and provide some help to this great cause.


Do something great for someone in your community this next week (25- 1 December 2023). Share it HERE  https://forms.gle/qELGKJ7MubGEEgEN7