How can we travel from Sopron Train Station  to the Campsite?
  • Löver Camp is about 1.5 to 2 miles from Sopron Train Station
  • Although there is a bus station, the cheapest and easiest is paying a taxi to take you there.
  • If you want to walk it, its about 30 minute walk. 
What about getting from Vienna to Sopron?

What if we decided to drive to Sopron from the UK?

Do I need special permission or documents when travelling in Europe with Children without Parents?

Some countries in Europe require you to have a letter or document when travelling to another country in Europe. Although their are no general rules for travelling in Europe with children, The Hungarian Government require thatt you have signed affidavits to carry with you, if none of the parents are travelling with any of your Patfinders: The following are the requirements from the Hungariann Government:

Your child can travel abroad with his or her own valid travel document (passport or, in some cases, identity card).
If a minor - i.e. a person under the age of 18 - is traveling abroad only accompanied by one parent or other adult (relative, friend, teacher, etc.) or alone, we recommend obtaining a parental consent statement (or guardianship consent).

The parental declaration must include:

  1. The Personal data of the consenting parent(s)
  2. The Personal Data of the traveling minor
    • Place and time of birth,
    • address,
    • identity document number,
  1. Their contact details,
  2. The territorial and temporal scope of the declaration (where and from where the child is travelling),
  3. The clear consent of the contributor(s),
  4. The signature of the consenter(s),
  5. The personal data and contact information of the accompanying person, if the child is only travelling with one parent.

It is recommended that the declaration be made in front of two witnesses or a notary and translated into English or the language of the destination country.

Some airlines have formalized their own form for making a parental declaration for the travel of a minor. We recommend contacting the airline directly.

Given that the conditions for the entry of minors differ from country to country, please read our travel advice for that country in any case.

You can ask for more information at the Budapest embassy of the country you want to visit.

Do Passports need to be valid for 3 months?

  • Ensure that UK Passports are valid for 3 months upon the return journey. Some airlines may not be willing to allow you to fly.
Do I need Travel Insurance beside our Club Insurance?
  • Yes you do. Each person needs need to arrange their own Travel Insurance to cover themselves for Flight delays, Flight Cancellations, Baggage delays, etcEnsure your club has the annual Club Insurance for 2023, for the amount of club members in your club. This is to cover your club agains Medical emergencies, death, dismemberment, and hospital care. Each person must apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This is to cover you for Hospital and Doctor's fees in the EU if you need the services. (The Card is Free) Apply here:
Do we need Local Church Board approval?
  • Church Board approval is standard for all SEC Events. Please ensure that you have and come with Church Board Approval.
What Currency do I need while in Hungary? What currency will be accepted?
  • Hungary accepts primarily the Hungarian Forint. Please ensure that your Pathfinders do not have more than the value of £50 in their possession. You can exchange forints at any bank in the UK. 
  • Hungary also accepts Credit and Debit cards.
  • Euros are allowed, but Hungarians prefer the Forint
  • At TED Camporee for Market Day and the Camporee tuckshops Euro and Forint will be accepted. 
Would my Mobile phone network work and be accepted in Hungary? 
  • Hungary is a European Union Country, therefore aaccepts UK Networks.

The following networks do not have any plans to introduce EU roaming charges, allowing to use your regular allowance as normal, within the fair usage policy:

  • Asda Mobile (5GB / month fair usage policy)
  • BT Mobile (50GB / month fair usage policy)
  • giffgaff (5GB / month fair usage policy)
  • iD Mobile (fair usage policy varies by contract plan - see calculator)
  • Lebara (30GB fair usage policy for data)
  • O2 (25GB / month fair usage policy)
  • Plusnet (15GB / month fair usage policy)
  • SMARTY (12GB / month fair usage policy)
  • Talkmobile (15GB / month fair usage policy)
  • Virgin Mobile (fair usage policy varies by contract plan)

The following networks plan to introduce EU roaming charges in the future:

  • Tesco Mobile (from 1 January 2024 - 10p / MB)

Some networks still have free EU roaming for particular plans.

If you’re a Vodafone customer on one of the following plans, you can still roam for free in the EU, with a 25GB / month fair usage policy:

  • Vodafone Limited data Xtra plan with 4 Xtra benefits
  • Vodafone Unlimited data Xtra plan with 4 Xtra benefits

All other Vodafone plans will require you to pay for EU roaming.

EE customers who are entitled to a free Smart Benefit can choose the Roam Abroad pass to continue free EU roaming. If you’re not entitled to a free Smart Benefit, or you choose a Smart Benefit that is not the Roam Abroad pass, you must pay for EU roaming.

Since Brexit, the following networks now charge for EU roaming:

  • EE (from £2 / day)
  • Sky Mobile (from £2 / day)
  • Three (from £2 / day)
  • Vodafone (from £2 / day)
  • VOXI (from £2 / day)

Charging Your phone

  • Phone charging will be made available for phones. It is first come first served, however. 
  • We recommend you bring a Power Bank, and charge that, instead of leaving your phone at the central charging area.
  • The Camporee will not be responsible if your phone is lost or stolen. 

What will the weather be like? 

  • Be ready for both hot and thunder storms
  • Sun lotion
  • Sun Hats
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