Welcome to the August Pathfinder Expedition Group.  You have been added here because you have shown an interest this months expedition.  All information needed for the weekend will be shared here.

Base Campsite: 
Phasels Wood Car Park - No Camping

Cost : 
We are to make a donation to Phasels Wood Activity Centre for the use of their car park and amenities. (Once I know the total numbers i would suggest how much each person should be - no more than £3)
You must provide your own food

Main Entrance

Phasels Wood Activity Centre is just 3 miles from Junction 20 Northbound of the M25 towards Hemel Hempstead on the A41. The entrance is in the second lay-by from the M25 roundabout. There is a sign just before the lay-by: ‘Scout Camp access via lay-by’ There is no postal address or postcode for the main entrance.

We recommend using Google maps to find us!

You will notice when you arrive at Phasels Wood we have installed a kiosk at our A41 entrance. This is so that all visitors can be checked in upon arrival and directed to the correct place without leaving your vehicle to keep our staff safe. Visitors that don’t have a pre booking will not be admitted.

M25 - Junction 20
M1   - Junction 8
M4, M40, M3 All close by

Apsley station 2 miles from Phasels Wood
Trains to London Euston (West Coast Line)

One map must not be shared between more than 2 hikers.
One compass must not be shared bewteen more than 2 hikers.
Because of Covid it would be best if each person had their own map and compass.
⚠️ No one should be on the hike without a scarf!!! ⚠️

Sabbath Expedition 
We are aiming to walk 15km on Sabbqth and expect to be out for 5 to 6hrs.
On occasions, we will be walking along the road and must have all hikers listen and follow instructions exactly.

Everyone should have a compass of their own.  The ideal situation would be for each hiker to have their own map as well.

They need a small backpack with food and drink.  Water, banana, bread, pasta, or anything else with lots of carbs will be fine.
We will NOT be hiking with a full rucksack with all our camping gear and food.  That will be done during the Guide class.

We will have a series of devotional thought shared on Sabbath with the hope that our Pathfinders would see God's handy work as we walk though his creation.

Hikers would be expected to plan and follow their own route based on Sabbath's experience.


Teaching Outcomes: 
Our expectation is that most of the group should be familiar with basic navigation at the end of the weekend. 

*Kit List:*v
Compass - Essential
Fleece - Essential
Walking Socks - Essential
Waterproof Jacket - Essential
Waterproof Trousers - Essential
Hiking Boots - Essential (Go Outdoors has boots for £15)
Small back pack - Essential
Food - Essential (Bananas, apples, pasta, bread, nuts, cereal bars, etc)
Drinks - Essential ( Water, Fruit Juice)
OS Map 174 – Essential
Gaiters - Optional
Base Layer - Essential
2nd T-shirt - Optional
Map Case – Optional

I recommend that they buy a Base layer (or wicker) to remove the sweat from on their skin.
We may be passing through fields of grazing cattle.  If anyone is terrified of cows, please let us know BEFORE we set off on the expedition.