Friend OLD1

Plan and take a 3hrs or 8km hike
This is a mandatory requirement.

Friend OL6

Know 10 hiking rules and know what to do when lost
This is a mandatory requirement.

Companion OLD2

Help your unit or club plan a special activity (hike –optional) 

Companion OL1

Find eight general directions without the aid of a compass
This is a mandatory requirement. 

Companion OL Advance 1

hike 8km and keep a log (optional)

Explorer HF Advance

Hike 16km and make a list of clothing to be worn
This is a mandatory requirement. for the Advance

Explorer OL3

Explain what a topographical map is and identify 20 symbols

Ranger HF Advance

Hike 15km and keep a log (optional)

Voyager OL1

25km overnight hike with expedition planning

 Guide OL1

2 night pack camp (2 different campsites – expedition involved)